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The Noble Stag

As we all know, King Brahmadatta of Benaras was extremely fond of hunting. Luckily for him, on the outskirts of the city was a huge-forest filled with deer. Among them, there was a mighty stag.’ One fine day, the King had gone hunting with his courtiers. He told his courtiers, …

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The Bremen Town Musicians

Once there was a donkey who had worked long and hard for his master. Now he had grown weak and could not do much work. So, his master began to treat him unkindly. He even began to starve the donkey. He wanted to save the money he spent on the …

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The Two Merchants of Seri

Once upon a time, in a place called Seri, there lived a merchant. He went from town to town selling pots and pans and other things made of brass and tin. He traveled every day with another merchant who also sold brass and tinware. But this other man was greedy. …

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The Story of Sindbad the Sailor

The story of Sindbad and his seven fantastic voyages appears in the huge collection of stories — ‘The Book of One Thousand and One Nights’ or ‘The Arabian Nights’. The story tells us that Sindbad was a famous sailor who lived in Baghdad. He was honest, generous and brave. He …

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The Magic Kettle

A tanuki is a small, furry, dog-like animal found in Japan. There are many imaginary stories about this playful little animal. It is believed in the stories that a tanuki can take the shape of anything or any animal. Here is a story about a tanuki and a pedlar called …

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Long’ long ago, there lived…… ‘A king !’ you will say immediately. No children. You are mistaken. Once upon a time, there was a piece of wood. A common block of firewood. It was found in the shop of a carpenter. But whenever he put his tools to the block …

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